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Preventing Sexual Harrassment

How do my employees take the training?

To train your employees,
you'll need to follow the steps below:

  1. Open your web browser to: https://www.opustrainingcenter.com/zurich/ (you may want to bookmark this page for future access).

  2. Trainees will log in using your company phone number (409) 988 - 0000.

  3. Trainees may now view the courses and take the tests.

Kim Granger



 Larry Charette June 2nd
 Cody Willis - June 5th
 Becky Wilson - June 8th
Preshawn Henson - June 8th
 Tyler Vilo -June 19th
Tony Balismo -June 23rd 

 Ralf Mims             June 2nd            6 Years
 Caleb Meadows    June 2nd            6Years
 Tony Balismo       June 3rd             1 Year
 Bucky Jones          June 17th           1 Year
 Marty Balismo      June 20th            2 Years   
 Preshawn Henson  June 22nd          5 Years
 Kevin Speight        June 22nd          3 Years

 Wendy Weeks July 1st  
 Chris Phillips- July 4th
 Cody Goins - July 5th

 Marty Balismo - July 6th
 Tonja Zeno -July 16th
 Kristen Fuss -July 18th
 Leslie Prince- July 23rd
Wayne Garcia- July 24th
 Smooth Cutwright- July 30th

 Years Of Service

Brian Powell- July 2nd -5 Years
Johnie Greene-July 15TH 4 Years
Amy Foreman- July 15th -1 Year